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Amelia OK
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Amelia OK  - Sometimes we get a story so
outrageous that we just have to share it
with you.  The story of Amelia started only
Thursday with this message posted from a
shelter advocate in Oklahoma.

From:  “OK Animal”
Date:  Thu Jan 5, 2006  2:31 pm
Subject:  Urgent – Lhasa in need

I need to borrow a bludgeoning devise of
some type for a discussion with an "owner".  
This sad Lhasa's owner was faced with
signing him over or an 'at large' citation
with a warning to get him groomed.  Guess
what they decided  and tomorrow is euth
day.  Anyway - desperately need someone to
step up.  I'll check on age tonight.  Poor
baby even has problems walking.    We didn't
have time to ask you all if we wanted to
take this dog in.  This time, we just knew
this little dog needed to come to Lone Star.  
We spoke with the rep at the shelter and,
thankfully, he took this little sweet dog
home with him that night and cleaned her
(yes it was a her) up that evening.   

From:  “Southwest OK Animal Network”
Date:  Thu Jan 5, 2006  9:48 pm
Subject:  Urgent – Lhasa in need Update

Lhasa Update.  I have seen some badly
matted dogs and some poorly maintained
pooches.  But this sweet little girl has
really been a major shock.  I very carefully
got her in the car and she rode easily.  
After settling in, I did a once over and got
very angry.  We spent about 3 hours cutting
on the mats (Time to invest in some
clippers)  We were able to cut away the
mats from her eyes, ears, neck, shoulders.  
Then tackled her back legs, tail, hips and the
back half of her torso. (Still have the front
legs and belly to finish). Her hair was feces
caked and urine soaked.  Fortunately, no
open sores.   I took her out for a short walk
where she had the her first mat free
~potty~ in a long time.  Her back legs are
atrophied and she is almost non-weight
bearing on her right leg.  When she walked
real slow, she used it a little, but no
weight.  Then it was on to the bath which
she tolerated very well.  A really good towel
rub and I got a litltle tail wag and a very
large pee puddle.  This little girl needs some
major TLC and rehab.         

Diane Anderson  - For beautiful
Melissa Leibowitz        
Patricia Dadamo        
Christine Hutchinson        
Pamela Glass
 - In Memory of
Shadoe, Chippy, Chooch, Buddy, and
Susan Lewis  - Thanks for all you do!
Get well soon, Amelia! Love from Lily
and Buffy, my sweet Lhasa girls
Cynthia Herschkowitsch - In Memory
of Beanie & Skippy
Sara Cole Cannon - Give Amelia a
Suzanne S. -  In memory of Dusty and
Ugolik Chiropractic Clinic
Lori F.     
Alexis Stokes  -
In honor of Austin.
Update: 1/11/06 I just got off the phone
with our vet.  Amelia went in Monday and the
great news is she is not pregnant.  Can't tell
you how relieved I am about that.  She does
have a very bad uterine infection, ear mites
and a broken pelvis.  He thinks the injury is
about 2 weeks old.  He spayed her and X-rayed
her pelvis and decided not to do surgery
because it does not effect the joint and has
been there too long but he will get a second
opinion from a surgeon.  She will need 6 to 8
weeks crate rest and she should heal just fine
and have use of her leg.  He determined her to
be on about 2 or 3 years old.  She is deaf and
he thinks she was probably born that way, but
hard to say it's just that she is so young.  I
will go get her tomorrow and bring her home
for rest and lots and lots of TLC.  

Please be one of Ameila's Angels and help with
her medical bills/
A Big Thank you To all of