New Volunteer 4
Step Checklist
Printable Volunteer
Application Form
Step 1 - New Volunteer Application Form
Please fill out EVERY BLANK. Your application can't be processed if you leave blanks.
How Did You Hear about Us?
Important instructions for using drop down selection boxes:  
Once you click on the down arrow and select your answer,
move your mouse outside of the drop down box and click your
mouse in a clear area to de-select the drop down box.  If you
don't do this and you use the scroll wheel on your mouse, you
could change your selected answer without realizing it.
If Other, Please Specify
I am applying to
New Volunteer Applicant Information
Last Name
First Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Email Address
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)
Employer Address
Employer Phone
Work Phone
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Co-Applicant Information
Last Name
First Name
Relationship to
Home Phone
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Email Address
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)
Employer Address
Employer Phone
Work Phone
Work Email
Please Tell Us About Your Home
Please tell us about the people that live with you or the people that visit you frequently.  Please include your children, nieces
and nephews, grandchildren, neighbors, etc.
Relationship to You
Frequency of Visits
Are there smokers in your household? Allergies prevent
some of our dogs from being in homes with smokers.
Which best describes your current residence?
If you rent, please give us the name and phone number of
your landlord.
How is your yard fenced?
If you don't have a securely fenced yard, how will you
ENSURE the safety of the dog?
Do you have a dog door?
Do you have a pool?
If you have a pool, how will you keep a dog safe?
Please Tell Us About Your Current Pets
Where did you get them
When you are not at home
where does your pet stay?
Please Tell Us About Your Past Pets
What happened to them?
Please be specific.
Please Tell Us About The Type Of Dog(s) You Want To Foster
Normally we place our dogs in foster homes in the same order as we get them but we will make sure our foster dogs are placed in
the best matched foster home for their particular needs.  Some of our dogs are undergoing medical treatment and need to be given
medication regularly or special diets.  Some have special needs such as re-socializing or behavior training.
Do you have any preferences in your foster dog(s)?
(tzu or lhasa, gender, young, old, active, playful, quiet, lapdog, etc)
This is not a requirement but are you willing to foster a dog with
special needs? (you may elaborate)  
How many hours in a normal day will the dog be left alone?
Where will the dog stay when you are not at home?
Where will the dog sleep?
Why do you believe that you will be able to provide an
excellent foster home for a dog?
Why do you want to foster a dog?  Please elaborate
Volunteering Other Services
We always need foster homes but since we are an all volunteer organization, the need is great for other services too.  Other things
volunteers might do for us include - but are not limited to the following:

  • Transportation of dogs within local area - picking up from a local shelter and transporting to our vet, etc.
  • Transportation of dogs from one city to another - either driving or flying (with dog in cabin). An airline employee or person with
    frequent flier miles may want to volunteer to help with air transport.
  • Taking photos of our new dogs to post on our website and
  • Walking/Exercising our dogs who are in boarding waiting for a foster home to open up.
  • Temporary fostering - keeping a foster dog once in awhile for a few days while a foster family is out of town.
  • Performing home interviews with potential new adopters.
  • Public Relations - calling people back who've left messages or questions on our voice mail line.
  • Promotions - manning a booth at a local festival or fundraiser, finding vets or other places willing to display our signs, etc.
  • Press Agent
  • Grant Writer
  • Project Management - manage promotional events, fundraisers, Meet & Greets, etc.
  • Printing - calendars, business cards, brochures, and other promotional documents.
  • Computer/Writing Skills - write or update documents, data entry, web and database administration, etc.
  • Sewing - sew doggie items to sell at fundraisers or for our foster dogs.
I would like to volunteer for:
Please tell us specifically what types of services you
would like to volunteer from the list above or
any other ideas or talents you might have.
Your References
Please give us the name and contact information of your current vet.  Please let them know that we will be contacting them.
If you have no vet, write NO VET in "Name" box.
Vet's Name
Clinic Name
Phone Number
Pets they have seen
How many years have you used this vet?
Name on the account
Fax number
Please give us the name and phone number of your groomer.  If you don't use a groomer, write "No Groomer".
Groomer's Name
Groomer's Phone Number
Please give us the names of three references who have dogs that we can contact for information about you and how you interact
with your pets.  We need your three references even if you don’t plan to foster.  Only one family member please.  This part of the
application is sometimes the most time consuming.  Please let your references know that we may be contacting them.
Day Phone
Evening Phone
What type of pets do they have?
Miscellaneous Information
If you have any special training or expertise working with dogs, please elaborate:
(It's not a requirement.  Most of our volunteers are dog lovers who want to help make a difference.  But if you have any special
training or experience you can volunteer, we would like to know so we can utilize your talents.)
All dogs will need to be re-house trained to your home and your routine.    How do you plan to house train your foster dog?
Although we do not take people aggressive dogs into our program, we do accept abused and unsocialized dogs.  These dogs
often need work with behavior problems.   Any dog that has ANY known history of snapping will not be put into a home with
children.  But understand that a dog may react differently and you must be prepared to deal with it.  How will you deal with
behavior problems like snapping or biting?
Do you understand that dogs can bite out of fear and distrust?  Unfortunately, they do not have hands to slap the face of that
obnoxious stranger that is grabbing and touching them.  The only way they have to protect themselves is with their teeth.
Do you understand that 75% of dog bite cases involve dogs who have never bitten anyone before and that you, as the dog
foster, should take whatever measures are necessary to avoid putting your foster dog in a situation where he might become
afraid and snap.
How will you prevent your foster dog from biting
your child or a friend's child?
Are you willing to crate train your foster dog?
Have you ever given up a dog?
If Yes, please explain and give date.
Who has the dog now?
Please give us their contact information?
Under what circumstances would you feel that
you would HAVE to give up a dog you own?
Is there anything else that you would like for us to
consider when processing your application?
Statement of Truth
Please type the following paragraph in the box below. Substitute your name (s) in the space indicated
By submission of this application, I/We [insert name here] assert that all statements and answers given in said application are
the said truth.  Any misrepresentation of the truth in this application will invalidate any subsequent volunteer agreement.
Electronic Signature
(Type your name)
Before you click the submit button, please look over ALL of the answer you gave on this application.
If you left critical information out we cannot process the application and we will ask you to fill it out again.
We know this is time consuming but we are only trying to find the perfect home for each little dog.
You are almost done!  Here's a quick reminder of the process...

Step 1:
 Submit this form.
Step 2:  Ask your veterinarian to fax your records.
Step 3:  Ask your 3 references to submit the reference questionnaire.
Step 4:  The home visit.

For instructions on steps 2, 3 and 4,
click here to open the 4 Step Checklist and instructions in a new browser window.  
Or you can submit this form and then go back to and click on "Apply To Volunteer" to go
directly to the 4 Step Checklist and instructions.

Finally, please remember that we are an all volunteer organization.  Our volunteers have full time jobs and families.  All
that we do with this organization is done in our spare time so we ask that you be patient.  

Although we make every effort to process each application in a timely fashion, sometimes there are delays due to the
availability of our volunteers.  If you don't hear from us within a week or so, please do e-mail us.  We love to hear from
you by e-mail and are happy to answer any questions you have as the process goes along.


Once you press the "Submit" button, a screen will appear showing you the detailed answers you gave.  This form is
automatically emailed to one of our volunteers.  You may also print out the form and mail it or fax it to us at:

Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue
PO Box 1346
Pinehurst,TX 77362-1346

Fax 281-754-4851     
THANKS again for offering to volunteer or foster little mop dogs.

A foster parent will personally be saving the lives of 5-10 dogs EACH and EVERY year!